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A question about skills during character creation

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A question about skills during character creation
In the text it says that the skill bonuses from backgrounds and factions should be added to the base before purchasing skill. In the character creation example, the bonuses aren't added until after the skills have been purchased. Which way is it supposed to be?
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Bonuses from background and
Bonuses from background and faction get applied first, then you spend CP on them, then morph bonuses.
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The example is badly worded,
The example is badly worded, but you can see towards the end of it that the bonuses have already been factored in which is why it says raising one of the skill over 60 - that was given a bonus - is going to cost more.
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Interesting that the example

Interesting that the example character has no more than a 60 rating (including aptitude mods), so it's not very helpful in figuring out the order of operations by looking at points spent.
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Re: Interesting that the example
That was what made me wonder too...and I had the same question (now answered). To clarify, I can raise a skill up to 80 during character creation including CP, background, and faction. Then, when I apply the morph aptitude bonus it goes up above 80, and I am good to go...? Correct? :) Thanks, all. Playing my first session in a week, and really looking forward to it!
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Re: A question about skills during character creation
I'd add all morph bonuses last, as they are less of an inherent skill and more of an expensive piece of gear.