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Question about second edition official wiki.

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Question about second edition official wiki.
Hello :) I just read the Kickstarter page again for 2nd ed and it seems you will be creating an official wiki :D Congrats, I'm a big fan of those ;-) But being more serious - will you post absolutely everything on this wiki, or will it be limited? And more importantly, will it be multilingual and user-driven? Because currently, we have many wikis with translations of EP and other, let's call it, "regional" projects, and this official wiki could unify the whole translations and fan-materials in one place. Just being super-exited with possibilities and wanna more info :) [I searched the forum for "second edition wiki" and "wiki", but no result came, so I created this topic. Please, feel free to ask your own questions here :)]

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The closest we have to an
The closest we have to an official EP Wiki is Chuck's Eclipse Phase Wiki, with Second Edition entries "coming soon!" http://eclipse-phase.wikia.com/wiki/Chuck%27s_Eclipse_Phase_Wiki
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Yes, I know about it :)
Yes, I know about it :) However, official wiki, with all the contents from book, fan-made sections and ability of readers to translate into their native languages would be better yet :) Not to tell that Chuck's wiki is bad, it's very good, but the official wiki (probably wiki.eclipsephase.com or something else, maybe with a custom template? Ah, cannot boy have a dream? xD) would be better :)

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Right now, the official wiki
Right now, the official wiki will contain EP2, the EP2 Quick-Start Rules, and then we'll work outwards with official material from there. Translations and unofficial material are not part of the initial plan but could happen in the future!
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Just to clarify, Adam, will
Just to clarify, Adam, will you include "lore" or just rules in the wiki? The rules part would be incredibly useful, specially if translated later to other languages, but having at least the "basic & in-game public" lore in the same circumstances would be superb! (i've lost players because of the language barrier several times, I'm afraid)
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The plan is to include the
The plan is to include the lore, yes. :) I'll be running scripts against the final text to convert it all to wiki and get it up. The wiki tool we'll be working with is MediaWiki. So if anyone has any requests for extensions we should consider - please let me know.
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Is there any way to scrape
Is there any way to scrape out values for stats, morphs, equipment, etc to get something like what I was asking about here?: http://eclipsephase.com/trait-morph-and-equipment-data-spreadsheet-gener...