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A question about Exhuman Predators...

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A question about Exhuman Predators...
Hi, I am planning to have a Clade of Exhumans - Predators - as the main antagonists in a mini-campaign I am developing. Reading up on them, it states they have Carapace Armour as a biomod, but that this armour is not cumulative with other armour types. If I want some of the Predators to have heavier armour, is there a way to do this? Or is the best approach to have *my* Predators to not have carapace armour? Thanks
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The predator stated in the
The predator stated in the corebook is only an example - other exhumans of this type may have another ideas how to stay on top of the food chain. I could even imagine a predator using human-made equipment - after all, the species who managed to push the rest of his biosphere into near-insignificance must have done something right.
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Push the envelope
I'd suggest you really push the envelope with ex-humans as far as Morphology and technology are concerned. As written the basic exhuman isn't much more scary or extreme than tarted up nova-crab. So, let your imagination run wild and develop your clade with the view that they are truly uninhibited when it comes to experimentation with new paradigms. From a gamist point of view if the armor is the weak point in your scenario maybe you could allow this clade to have developed nano-symbiont armor pieces that interface with the carapace armor and draw on the organism's resources... or something to that effect. They're exhuman's they're competing with giant preying mantis pods and other outer sytem wierdness so go wild.

Mea Culpa: My mode of speech can make others feel uninvited to argue or participate. This is the EXACT opposite of what I intend when I post.

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Thanks for the advice. The
Thanks for the advice. The idea is that the Exhuman clade are hard to beat, and it will take the PCs a while before they find out about them. So far they have only had run ins with their proxies. Hired guns etc.