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Query from Firewall Pregenned Characters

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Query from Firewall Pregenned Characters
I debated whether or not to post this particular question in the official Firewall errata thread, but since it's technically not a typo or something in need or correction (as far as I am aware), I chose to give it its own place. Three of the Pregen characters in the back of Firewall - The Argonaut Reverse Engineer, the Exotech Risk Specialist, and the Jovian CBEAT Scientist - all have a specific Knowledge skill that I thought might be misplaced. Academics: Exotech. I ran Google inquiries about the phrase, and the only thing I came up with was a bunch of company names, including the Inner System hypercorp from EP. With that in mind, from where I stand, exotech could mean a couple of different things. 1 - obviously, a reference to the company in EP. 2 - some sort of non-human technology. So here's my question, which is really a string of them all under the guise of 'what is this skill'? A: What would the Academics: Exotech skill be used for? (Or what is the definition of exotech) B: If this is meant as skill related to the company, wouldn't it be better placed as an Interest? C: If this is meant as skill related to non-human tech, wouldn't a better word be Xenotech?
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I think it should have been
I think it should have been Xenotech. The Exotech Risk Specialist would probably have an Interest in Exotech, like the company, sure. But the Jovian CBEAT Scientist and Argonaut Reverse Engineer should definitely have Xenotech from Exoplanets. Or so I would suppose!
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