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Quantum Entangled Communicators

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Quantum Entangled Communicators

You almost got this one right, but made the same error as Charles Stross.

Quantum farcasters are described correctly: you need a classical communications channel for them to work. In essence, when one pair of a qubit is collapsed to a particular value, it is collapsed with respect to a measurement basis.

Although this wavefunction collapse is "instantaneous", you cannot extract the information from the channel until you know the measurement basis. And that must be communicated classically. Mathwise, it's a lot briefer:

Signal = A {|00> + |11>}

where { } normalizes the two entangled wavefunctions, |00> and |11>, and A is the operation (measurement performed).

In order to reconstruct the signal, you have to transmit the measurement {A} used, that operation then gives you the basis (either |00> or |11>.

So, if you take the FTL moniker from quantum entangled communicators, it would be correct.

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Basically, he is saying that

Basically, he is saying that EPs instant communication does not work.