Q-Morphs: Fluff/Stat-block discrepancy - Extreme Heat Shielding/High-Temperature Operation?

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Q-Morphs: Fluff/Stat-block discrepancy - Extreme Heat Shielding/High-Temperature Operation?

Noted the Q-Morph writeup in Sunward (p. 163, left column).

Fluff paragraphs states: "...and completely unable to function in temperatures below 250 C."

Now, that line implies that the Q-Morph is using the Positive Trait "High-Temperature Operation" (p. 165, left column), as only that trait
states that a morph given the advantage starts having issues once exposed to temps below 250 C.
(It starts losing COO points on a per-minute basis, in case you were curious.)

On the other hand, the Q-Morph's sluggish Movement Rate as a Walker (2/4) implies that "Extreme Heat Shielding" should be included in the
Enhancements section for Q-Morph. (The Q-Morph is currently the slowest of all Morphs... I think.)

However, the only heat-related item in the stat-block for the Q-Morph, was the Enhancement of "Extreme Heat Shielding".

In short, the Q-Morph Fluff+Stats seem to imply that BOTH the Positive Trait "High-Temperature Operation", as well as the Enhancement of "Extreme Heat Shielding" were added into the final stats of the Q-Morph, due to the fluff-described penalty, and the stat-blocks' slow Walker Movement Rate.

Why would one build the "Extreme Heat Shielding" enhancement into a Morph, if the Morph already has the Positive Trait "High-Temperature Operation"? The only real bonus that I can see, is that it jacks up Durability by 25%. That IS a pretty big jump for Durability, but jeez, at the cost of HALF one's mobility?