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Published adventure Continuity in EP2

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Published adventure Continuity in EP2
Hello. I will be running a short campaign of Eclipse Phase 2nd ed. for a few first-time players soon but first I want to run an unconnected one-shot for them as an introduction to the world and the system. I have checked out the published nano-ops for EP2 as well as the adventure 'Acrimony' from the Quick Start rules but none of them have grabbed my attention as much as the first edition adventure 'Continuity' but as I am also new to the game I am unsure how much trouble it would be to adapt it to EP2. As for characters I really like the example characters from the EP2 rulebook and their professionally illustrated sheets, does anyone have an opinion on which ones would best be suited for 'Continuity'?
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I'd be interested in knowing
I'd be interested in knowing too! I will probably play this adventure in a local convention. Not sure if it will be in first on second edition, though.
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It's not too hard at all to
It's not too hard at all to change EP1 adventures to EP2. Most of the skill tests will read exactly the same. Continuity's gear list is short, so no big headaches there. You might get a little frustrated that the baddies don't have pools, but as a GM, I never worry about the baddies' pools to begin with (too much paperwork!) Add a generic threat pool if you need to and keep rolling. For characters, I like the Sunward team and, honestly, the Guanxi team (if you're just looking at stats). I made up character backgrounds for all of the characters in EP1. If you want to borrow the character backgrounds, this is what I used: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1gCUERBSHXbQnOu2AgigTuTMcYjNGYSSuyZ3v...