Psi-Chi Sleights, Trait or Stunt?

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Psi-Chi Sleights, Trait or Stunt?

I saw that a couple Chi sleights were upgraded to Gamma, like Grok and Xeno-Empathy. I was trying to figure out which Chi sleights that weren't listed might also need to be upgraded. For instance:

Downtime: Accelerate mental stress/consequence recovery. My first impulse would be to say stunt, like Medichines for the mind.
High Pain Threshold: Like the Pain Tolerance stunt.
Pattern Recognition: Is essentially the Psi version of Hyper-Linguist, which is a stunt, except that it also works on Xeno languages or codes.
Superior Kinesics: Might just allow invoking the Psi aspect on Kinesics tests. In which case it might just be a trait.