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Prepping Your Fork To Wake In 10,000 Years

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Prepping Your Fork To Wake In 10,000 Years
What details should an Ego try to take into account, when they save a copy of themselves in a time capsule set to wake millennia in the future? The simplest, if most depressing, scenario that would need to be planned for would be for that fork to be the only sapient being left in the universe. In which case they'd have to be prepared to Von Neumann themselves up to spread across the stars; this not only requires blueprints and an initial set of hardware, but also softer bits of info, from the more structured aspects of legal systems to enough social skills to be able to cooperate with further forks. Another scenario: If Von Neumanning is impossible, but it's not confirmed that all other sapience is extinct, then the fork could try to simply maintain its existence long enough to eventually be rescued. After that, complications involving other entities get increasingly complicated; anyone care to make a stab at how likely any given general plans would be of use, especially compared to how much investment would be required to make that plan feasible? As a further variation of this idea: What could somebody who lived a century before the Fall do, planning for similar scenarios? (Eg, a present-day cryonicist planning to have a few terabytes of data stored on long-term archival media along with their body.) Grabbing a copy of some jurisdiction's legal code and precedents, to use as a baseline instead of having to develop a new one from scratch, seems entirely plausible; so does studying various subjects such as programming, mediation, and astronomy; writing down an offer of a reward for revival seems less likely to bear fruit. Or maybe I'm wrong here - I'm curious what directions your thoughts take, even if you don't have any final answers. (Of course, if you /have/ answers, I'd love to see those, too. :) )
Thank you for your time,
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Read up on the Firewall
Read up on the Firewall project FORCED RETIREMENT and tangential Backup projects. You have to basically take into consideration everything they do with only difference being that you do not preserve 2 million strong fragment of society but only yourself. Isn't that little selfish? A long dead galaxy full of you. And only you. Anyway you will quickly realise that any plan you may concoct to preserve your own ego can be easily expanded to accommodate additional egos. Taking into account the exponential nature of EP fabrication tech taking with you 10.000 people on your Von Neumann adventure isn't a problem at all. If you used something akin to Kudzu Seed you would have to increase it's size by less than an order of magnitude. At this point you can create different scenarios: Maybe you psychosurgery everyone to love you as their king? Maybe you decrease the Seed/Vault size by changing the storage of egos into the simulspace randomised AGI generation machine? Then at the other end you could have arbitrary number of differentiated egos, which could possibly share your memories or knowledge needed to start the civilization. Whatever suits your fancy.
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I would honestly be more
I would honestly be more interested in preparing a seed vault [i]full[/i] of egoes to wake up in ten thousand years. So instead of, say, having died in the Fall and woken up cold in the year 12,141 BCE in that order, you have some lead-in. Say, for example, you woke up in Simulspace. You were given a briefing on the state of affairs in 10 AF, and then get told: you're getting a morph. Backup insurance. Your ego will be sent somewhere you want to go, with whatever you need (within reason) to start a new life. You want a skills experience patch-job and to be sent out into autonomist space? They'll arrange some @-rep and skills training for you. Want about 30,000 credits and a Ruster on Mars? Sure. Want to join that pack of folks living in a [i]Star Trek[/i] simulspace and Riker it up? Whatever floats your boat. Here's the catch: we want an alpha fork. Nothing [i]nefarious[/i] is going to happen to that fork, but they're going to be loaded into a seed vault and flung into the far future. [i]Just in case[/i] transhumanity as we know it failed to thrive; after all, we do know that other races rose at least as far as we did and then vanished without a trace. No, we're not keeping records, and no, these vaults [i]will not[/i] be sought and deactivated, not even by us. So at some point in the far future, you're going to wake up ten thousand years from now as an ego inside a small but robust industrial synth, tasked with creating a whole new society from scratch. Think of it this way; you're being compensated with a new lease on life, in exchange for being given [i]another[/i] new lease on life. That sounds like you've just executed a 9[sup]th[/sup]-dan [i]Win-Win Kata.[/i] The only possible objections you could have is if you're a hardcore biocon or biochauvanist, in which case, well... Feel free to turn us down. We can put you right back in cold storage where we found you, and you won't even have to remember this conversation. You're interested? Good. I hope you remember that you just said you were interested, because depending on your point of view, and on some information which is not currently known to us, you either just lucked out, or got majorly lucky. See, that conversation you just had took place ten thousand years ago. As promised, we've been completely isolated, chilling in cold storage in a seed vault for ten thousand years in bum-fuck nowhere. Now the ticker's timed out, and we have no idea what's "out there." The rest of transhumanity may be cruising around in Alcubierre Warp Drive vessels, looking for us to reintegrate us. The TITANs may have come back. The Factors might have wiped us. We just don't know; what we [i]do[/i] know is that the exoplanet our seed vault was dropped on. So, you're either a redundant Alpha in a galaxy we know nothing about, or you just got your [i]second[/i] new lease on life as potentially one of ten thousand remaining transhuman egos. So, what do you want to do? Fabrication? Earthmoving? Exploration? There's a whole wide world up there, we're harvesting CHON and metals and shit as fast as we can. You can forget about a biomorph anytime in the next five years or so at the bare minimum, but Masked Steels should be doable within a few years, if you and everyone else in this colony bust your metaphorical asses to make it happen. Or we could be smart and work first for infrastructure-based ego survival and worry about pleasures later.
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ShadowDragon8685 wrote:I
ShadowDragon8685 wrote:
I would honestly be more interested in preparing a seed vault [i]full[/i] of egoes to wake up in ten thousand years. So instead of, say, having died in the Fall and woken up cold in the year 12,141 BCE in that order, you have some lead-in.
"My name is DataPacRat and I approve of this message." :) (In case I haven't been clear above; I'm fully on-board with including multiple egos in such vaults. I'm just trying to express the notion that at least some such egos should be prepared to handle waking up on their own, as well as waking up as part of a community.)
Thank you for your time,