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Pre-Fall campaign: Houston at Zero Hour

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Pre-Fall campaign: Houston at Zero Hour
So, I decided to make a campaign for my friends who, sadly, either don't have time or inclination to read setting materials. Here's the base outline. I didn't go into incredible amounts of detail yet. No NPC's, no maps as of yet, the Appendix in this thread isn't 100% complete, and I'm taking a bit of a hiatus. I decided to post this now anyways as a way to get feedback from people much more experienced than myself on this sort of thing. What am I doing right? What am I doing wrong? Anyways, enjoy. Houston at Zero Hour EDITED 1/2/16: Added NPC's and maps.
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Interesting stuff!
In the long-term campaign that I've been running, I occasionally run 1-2 session "flashback" or "prelude" adventures, in which the players step into the shoes of a group of prefab characters in the past or off-world from where their normal PCs are located. The results of the flashback adventure set up the events in the primary campaign — and this adventure looks like it could be a really cool one to slot into that. The characters who manage to farcast become the NPCs the players contact in the AF timeline, for example...