Posthuman Studios at Gen Con 2012, Part 1!

Posthuman Studios at Gen Con 2012, Part 1

The Best Four Days in Gaming start next week, and we'll be at booth #840 in the exhibit hall, hosting several seminars, and running games as well!

Stay Social for Updates!

We'll be using social media as much as possible during the convention -- please follow ps_pub on twitter and watch the #PS_GenCon hashtags!


Friday, at 2PM, in the Pennsylvania Station C at the Crowne Plaza, we'll be talking Posthuman Futures, covering company news, the last year, upcoming plans, and all that good stuff. This will be a great chance to hang out and chat, talk about Creative Commons licensing, our publishing style, or anything else!

On Saturday at 2PM in the Indiana Convention Center, room 201, we'll be hosting What's Up With Eclipse Phase?, where we talk about upcoming Eclipse Phase stuff and take audience questions and suggestions.

Eclipse Phase Games

All of our Eclipse Phase games are sold out, but you might be able to slide into them with a generic ticket, however this is at the gamemaster's discretion and running a solid game for the pre-registered players is their priority! All game take place in the Indianapolis Convention Center, Room #133.

There are also some Eclipse Phase games that are being run by other people. If you are one of those people, please post your game's info in the comments!

10AM: Continuity
12Noon: Doctrine
4PM: Ego Hunter
8PM: Broken Alliances

8AM: Broken Alliances
10AM: Ego Hunter
12Noon: Continuity
2PM: Threshold
4PM: Doctrine
8PM: Ego Hunter


8AM: Ego Hunter

10AM: Threshold

12Noon: Broken Alliances

2PM: Doctrine

4PM: Continuity

8PM: Threshold


10AM: Doctrine

10AM: Threshold

2PM: Broken Alliances

2PM: Continuity

Tomorrow we'll post Part 2, talking about what we'll have available for sale at our booth, including some great new stuff!

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By any chance, could you try

By any chance, could you try and record the talks? I know that RPPR did last year, would be really great to listen again. The giant ocean in the way makes it difficult to get myself there physically.