(Possible SPOILERS)Character Concepts for foils/antagonists for Know Evil

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(Possible SPOILERS)Character Concepts for foils/antagonists for Know Evil

My campaign is nearing its endgame, and as my characters unravel the conspiracy that has been plaguing them since the beginning, I want them to discover a team of characters that have been working against them from behind the scenes. Their transhuman mirrors, so to speak. A group of NPC Fortinbras's to their PC Hamlet's, if you will.

In the final games, I plan on fully stating out this "anti-A team" and playing them against the characters. I already have two of them built (the Machiavellian leader and a 'face-man' impersonation specialist), but I'm stumped on other character concepts. I want these characters to be COOOOOOOLLLL, and I don't trust myself not to fall into my typical NPC writing tropes.

In the spirit of the setting, I thought I'd crowd source it. You fellas and ladies is smartz and whatnot. So, would anyone like to propose some future antagonists for Know Evil?

Without giving anything away, the team should have hypercorp politics and lean bioconservative, if only because it is an inner system game and my players are anarchist, leaning mercurial. However, I wouldn't say the group is so conservative to limit any wilder concepts. "Whatever gets the job done" would be their motto; it's just that an all uplift team or hive mind wouldn't really fit thematically.

I'm looking for about four characters total. If I use yours, I'll PM you (my players might read the thread). You get to decide name, codename, background, and faction...even skills if you want; I might have to alter ideologies for narrative reasons, but I would like to use characters as proposed.

If nothing else, just use your favorite PC. I want to emphasize the fact that capable transhumans with different ideologies are as deadly as any X-threat. I don't want a group of bad guys so much as a squad operating under a different interpretation of transhumanity: like the PC's, they have certain goals and few moral qualms about doing whatever is necessary to see them fulfilled. I want the final confrontations to not be so much Good Vs. Evil, but more like "Is this what we are going to become?"

Preemptive Thanks!

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Re: (Possible SPOILERS)Character Concepts for ...

Sounds like fun! One bot-jamming demolitions expert coming up!

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Re: (Possible SPOILERS)Character Concepts for ...

Looking for end-game builds or current builds? I can do so much more with a 1200 CP or greater base :D

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Re: (Possible SPOILERS)Character Concepts for ...

I don't want them unbeatable. 1200 CP would be the absolute high-end (I give out, like, 7 cp for every 3-4 sessions), and in that instance, PC's would definitely have to divide and conquer. I can nerf or buff characters when the actual encounters come, though. So just go nuts!

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Re: (Possible SPOILERS)Character Concepts for ...

will you have a Neo-Octopus in the nemesis group? I hope so!
especially for Preston!
I mean, seriously, think of they fun they'll have playing SQUIDditch together!

really Sirius...err seriously, now
When I create NPC, I generally pic one from the NPC prime file,tweak them a bit, and apply the same amount of Rezpoint then players received at that point of the adventure or more, depending of how difficult/dangerous I want the NPC to be

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Re: (Possible SPOILERS)Character Concepts for ...

Name: Li Shaiming
Codename: Poppet
Gender ID: Male
Objective age: 47
Subjective age: 47

Born and raised in space on a hypercorp habitat, Shaiming was directly involved in countering suborned bots and AIs during the fall. Shaiming believes in benevolent control of transhuman populations, even uplifts, but harbors intense distrust of AGIs. He believes that AGIs are a potential threat to transhumanity and should no longer be created. Shaiming still bears scars from his battles; prior damage to his cortical stack has left him in permanent ephemeral pain. To prevent such things from happening again, he now utilizes an emergency farcaster whenever possible. He frequently rigs himself with explosives in order to spite whoever killed him.

Shaiming specializes in suborning automated equipment and concealing superthermite charges within the shell. When possible, he carries a fabber with him capable of constructing thermite explosives, instead of carrying actual explosives. He is skilled at blending his remote-controlled bots into the general background automata, and favors completely surrounding his target with shaped charges before detonating all the charges in the same moment. Shaiming has found it difficult to inure himself to the carnage inflicted by his explosives, and now uses a dose of Neem before an operation. He has unfortunately allowed this habit to develop into a mild addiction.

Li Shaiming character sheet

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Re: (Possible SPOILERS)Character Concepts for ...

Name: D0Il (Doll)
Race: AGI
Affiliation: freelance
Morph: Advanced Informorph capabilities (COG 40 among others).
Appearance: like a Cortana from Halo franchise, but in red and black (a 'la Tron)

Few things are known about this AGI, aside from its female personality and mercurial temper. The main problem with tracking her down residing in the amount of backups and forks (alpha, beta and even gamma) going around, this character is highly sought both for patrons and ego hunters, and has been condemned In Absentia to complete erasure in nearly all sunward and a lot of rimward habitats.
The most terryfing part of this character resides in her name, both an operational designation and a description of her capabilities and strategies. Essentially, D0Il is an ego hacker, specialyzed into computers, psychosurgery and all related stuff, resulting in ALL morphs in her operational theatre being at risk of being hacked by her. Not to mention she is quite good with CMs, meaning she can get equipment for the hacked morphs.

While not much is known about her, some traits have been found out along the months since she showed up: she can resleeve without any problem into infomorphs and cases, her personality seems to have some hardcoded conditionals (think the 10 points version of the negative trait... at least. And wonder who her master is), and she is extremely easy to fork.

Also, she is a confirmed Singularity Seeker, with presumed access to TITAN algorythms.

Tactics: Fromo annoyance to lethal, she usually starts small and quickly excalates, that being the only warning she gives of her presence. Her usual peak on an operation involves dozens of morphs attacking her targets without any knowledge or will, and her most high-profile op involved the hacking of a police precint in Mars where all policemen save for two who didn't had Mesh inserts were compromised.

SOP against her: the safest way to deal with the aftermath of her presence consists on making sure none of the affected people made a backup in the last month, and destroy all morphs and egos deemed compromised. Extreme prejudice is advised.

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Re: (Possible SPOILERS)Character Concepts for ...

Is the time for submissions up? I've been fleshing out a four-person team, but can't have it up until at least Friday.

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Re: (Possible SPOILERS)Character Concepts for ...

link1329 wrote:
Is the time for submissions up? I've been fleshing out a four-person team, but can't have it up until at least Friday.

It is not a contest... and if the OP already has what he wants, don't worry, there are more people here that can use all the antagonist ideas anybody can have :)

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Re: (Possible SPOILERS)Character Concepts for ...

Xagroth wrote:
link1329 wrote:
Is the time for submissions up? I've been fleshing out a four-person team, but can't have it up until at least Friday.

It is not a contest... and if the OP already has what he wants, don't worry, there are more people here that can use all the antagonist ideas anybody can have :)

I sound over-eager don't I?
I was not trying for competitiveness, I love Know Evil. However, Midterms have been keeping me from putting thoughts to keyboard.
I didn't think much about other people wanting ideas.. That's the beauty of the CC spirit, isn't it?
I think I just had an epiphany. It's an EP miracle!

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Re: (Possible SPOILERS)Character Concepts for ...

Submit away! No deadlines, and I reiterate the comments from above. Somebody, somewhere can use the character concept.

I tend to plan WAY too far ahead, so I've got plenty of time to flesh out and roll up these characters before they are used. Considering the podcast release schedule, it will probably be 6 month to a year before anyone hears about them.

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Re: (Possible SPOILERS)Character Concepts for ...

Character concept: Mike. Or Jack. Or Chris. Or...

Core: addict/hooked to psychosurgery as a solution to all his/her problems (equivalent to a 15 points flaw...or even 20. Not sure if Addiction at minimal would also qualify). He/she also has the advantage for easies merge between ego and forks (+10 or +20 to those test, if I remember right). Oh, and he/she has some mental troubles.

Developing: Mike just likes to take the easy option. Or the hardest. Or... He doesn't know. He suffered psychosurgery because his (or her... lets keep it at his for now) parents wanted a smart, hard-working offspring that would make them proud instead of the lazy ass they got that spent almos all his time playing games (or reading... or watching holos... Can't remember). So they sent him to a professional that treated him (Focusin! XD). However, the kid concluded that the easiest way to do things would be using psychosurgery. He grabbed some money (it was a fairly high-class family) and bought some augments that allowed him to make a fork, make the fork study, then integrate the knowledge in his ego. Of couse, starts were hard, and the first succesful fork required more than 10 attempts (and it was quite mad anyway).

Fast forward about 6 years: we now have a mess of a young adult that anytime he needs to do something, he will use a fork, put it to work, then reap the beneficts and deleting the fork. Being somebody without much sense of self, he has collected a wide array of knowledges and skills, and is a really good actor (think as a basic mold that can be modified easily to fit almost any desired shape).

Right now he earns the money he needs for having his fun acting as hired muscle. Or as an actor. Or as...

Truth behind the curtain: you will never find the "original" Mike, only alpha or beta forks of him, dispatched as needed... and sometimes those forks end paying for psychosurgery to delete parts of themselves (freeing themselves of the "programming" they were created with) and roam around, until they decide to set up their own shop. And sometimes a group of Mikes capture another Mike who is then forked and integrated in another "node"...
Essentially, a mess. And nobody knows if the original Mike was a Michael or a Michelle, or even if he (or she) is still out there playing games and running this fork empire... or is dead, or is isolated, or simply was too much modified and endend mind-dead. Or maybe he grow up and is living a normal (for AF10 standards) life while one of his firsts forks is doing all this mess...

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Re: (Possible SPOILERS)Character Concepts for ...

The ultimate antagonist in my current campaign, some background first. I only came up with the idea for her after one of my players came up with character. Her Freya Serafina is an AGI built with psycho surgically created memories of the real Freya Serafina (her father/creator was never really able to get over the loss of his ten year old daughter during the fall) and sleeved into a Neotenic. All of her pre-creation memories are false, and are mostly just the key moments of the originals life, her memories of the fall are completely artificial, and the original is believed to have been killed or forcibly uploaded.

The villain

Name: Freya Serafina (the original)
Earth Survivor
Morph: Splicer

Unbeknownst to anyone, the original Freya did survive the fall. Her small size allowed her to hide and escape from the larger TITAN threats, and her high intelligence allowed her to easily plan for her own personal safety. Being brought up in a wealthy family, and having never before experienced this level of danger, her most powerful tool was a complete willingness to use and sacrifice anyone who would try to protect a scared little girl.

It was years before Freya was able to leave from Earth with a PastFinders salvage operation. She left the cradle of transhumanity a significantly changed young woman. She had seen the strange, alien projects that the war-machines and remaining exsurgents occasionally worked on, the metal forests, and the creatures that lived within them. When escape did come, she had only one desire, to return to Earth and see it wiped clean of any possible activity, TITAN or transhuman. There is no hope of reclaiming Earth, and the risk of further TITAN activity is too great to ignore. She wants to survive, and hopefully live forever, and the threat that Earth represents is too great to ignore.

Tactics: If a fight is anything less than completely one-sided Freya will do everything in her power to avoid it. She will cheat, persuade or intimidate whoever it takes to get an advantage over her opponents. Her ultimate survival is all that matters, and if that means sacrificing others, she will do it, no matter the number.

She has been a very personal villain for my characters. Her identity was a mystery for around 18 games, and was only semi-figured out when the AGI-Freya managed to corner her in a shuttle, a session that ended with original-Freya bashing AGI-Freya brains out while screaming “JUST A COPY” over and over.

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Re: (Possible SPOILERS)Character Concepts for ...

I'm sure the Red Queen or sister Alice will be making an appearance in some form (possibly turning out to be one in the same). I'm sure that whatever truth there is to B's psychosis, you already know or are going to intentionally keep it secret. Even if you aren't going to use whatever truth is behind the Red Queen, I'm sure that a properly informed enemy would pounce on the Red Queen thing to mess with Bartlby (think about the Mirror Darkly Scenario from rppr where a player drove their forks to suicide and go nuts). Definitely go with one of the Lost for Bartleby's opposet regardless so you can play up the "this could have been you and it still could be your future" and to give an easier reason to justify why this guy knows about the Red Queen and Alice. Don't go overboard on the over crazy like the guy he met on Thought; instead, make his motives and logic closer to Bartleby's (to emphasize a kinship between them and how close the PC is to the edge), perhaps there is someone he is looking for and he has been led to believe that he needs to take out the PCs to get the information he needs. I'd even go so far as to link Anti-Bartleby's delusions to Bartleby's:

Anti-Bartleby: "It's all your fault! You could have saved Alice! But you just ran! I can never forgive you!"

For bonus points make Anti-B an alternate personality of Bartleby (basically a manifestation of a self-destructive guilt over his sister) that was alpha-forked off around the end of the lost project and has since diverged further. Either way Anti-B probably has some information about the whole Red Queen/Alice thing to tantalize the character with.


Preston can be hounded by a bio-conservative, a more "docile" uplift (of any type), or even a militant uplift that thinks he's a sell-out puppet of the corps. More interesting would be a pro-mercurial uplift promised enough money/resources to start her own Atlantica in exchance for the head of Preston Crowley (and associates). The defeated champion from the deathmatch with the vibroblades could do nicely, and may still have some animosity to work out on her killer (plus, odds are her stack hit the black market, so anyone could have it now). Of course, she needs a new body... how about a Takko (synthmorph octopus) with a delightful number of military upgrades (including some eelware to get back at her deathmatch opponent).


The AGI is open source, so his opposite should either be a corporate AGI in a reaper morph, or another iteration of himself modified and upgraded to kill the player. Alternatively, the open-source AGI could have had an identity crisis and decided to become unique. As foreshadowing the PCs would get word that a certain Argonaut satalite in lunar space had a nasty tradegy resulting in the loss of MANY AGIs as well as other egos and morphs. The cause of this change in behavior for the anti-Psy, when found out, should be a mistake involving something that the character enjoys or has done, such as a cautious techno-progressive experiment with a seed AI. Perhaps the crashing of a certain server by a familiar seed AI was to blame (making the players indirectly responsible).


In general, I think that opposites are easy to fight, but enemies that mirror you so closely in motive and mind can be much more disturbing, as are the villians you create yourself. How many people have the players killed in the pursuit of their goals. Was it necessary to brutally murder that octopus and let her fall into criminal hands when they had another way to get the same information (which they succeeded at)? Why did they keep a seed AI secret from Firewall and leave it in the hands of a recklace techno-progressive?

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Re: (Possible SPOILERS)Character Concepts for ...

An idea I had, and this seems as good of a place to mention it as anywhere, would be someone who goes for a smoke theme. Chameleon skin can make someone invisible, so why not have someone who is only "mostly" invisible? Depending on how much modifications you want to make, giving them some sort of hovering capability in their artificial legs could have them float, or just make their feet entirely invisible, with nanoswarms that hover around them to make the smoke more 3D. A swarn of disassemblers would make things even more unpleasant.

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Re: (Possible SPOILERS)Character Concepts for ...

Ship Name: Wangzi hao
Codename: R E D king
Clarification:Retired extremely dangerous king class military ship
Physical Location: A Lafrance rig habitat, (name undecided)
Gender ID: Engine AI, crystal entity
Objective age: 12/43 (12 year old ship, 43 year old pilot)
Subjective age: 22/30 (22 year old rocket, 30 year old AI)
Muse: Diamond (triangle shaped diamond with glints of blood red imperfections)
The interface panel:Shows a triangle shape, (though that is the shape of the habitat)

RED king, is a info-morph pilot housed in a military ship. (essentially a glorified military rocket with weapons). The rocket and its info-morph pilot has been together so long that they are the one and the same. Its a former Chinese pre-fall secret weapon that got its record, status and country lost.

The pilot have vague memories of a childhood as orphan and enrolled into military school, after graduating with good scores it became a info-morph operator of its vehicle. As it acts from a accelerated simulspace time and been since the fall it has considered the possibility of never being human.

It "works" as a integral part of a Lafrance rig (see Panopticon) under its "cover" as a antiquated AI housed in a "civilian" ship engine. The pilot together with its muse & its ship has successfully kept, perfected & nurtured its cover identity of a old reliable ship engine with its non-removable antiquated AI-interface.

Long term goal rebuild something of the Chinese military remains. It has kept tabs on some military reunion crowds, but has decided to remain too tied up to go.

To pass time
Under disposable identities Aids & fights for various hackers and pirates. Often assisting in creating and improving rep for fake identities, aided with information that its military systems & passive scans can acquire covertly. Then it barters away the fruit of its labour. Especially if its used against perceived or known enemies.

Not suicidal + seeks to keep its cover - until it gets proper clearance, or risk falling into enemy hands.

"More than enough" reaction mass, pre-fall military hardware for internal computing power, sensors and overall defences. Veteran info-morph operator with electronic surveillance and electronic warfare skills, and expertise in suitable gunnery and piloting related skills

It can quite easily demolish its way out of the habitat and reclaim its proper military warship x-threat might. Habitat will have a hard time to survive its departure.

"To find fault is easy; to do better may be difficult."