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possible EP ship

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possible EP ship
Here's something I'm working on for another system, maybe. It is meant to be a fairly plauisible ship design for a large warship. http://i32.photobucket.com/albums/d25/tanhauser/BBS.jpg It might look OK for EP. For the technically inclined: The ship is modular, with many of it's main structural components being linked basic modules. This allows ships of various sizes to be built easily, and for ships to be customized. The vessel is firing a spinal mounted graser. While armchair physicists will claim the beam should be invisible, the fact is that as it passes thru space it hits a variety of vaccuum contaminants, like hydrogen atons, other gas atoms, dust, etc. The atoms are generally forced to emit photons under the intense irratiation of the graser beam, while dust motes are converted to superheated plasma, producing a luminous beam path. The four projections around the spinal mount are secondary beam guns. The circular depression around them is the FLESSA, forward looking sensor scanner array. The four depressions around the rim of the dome are lateral sensors. The domes between them are point defense laser arrays meant to kill inbound ordnance. The cylinders along the main hull are modular, and can be fitted for a variety of tasks. Some the ones with domes are gauss gun systems meant to aid in point defense, I'll add launch tubes to 4 others ot make them missile launchers. There are other possible systems, like secondary offenseive guns, fighter hangers, etc. The ship has few if any windows as there is little human eyes and reflexes can do in space combat and all datra is gathered by sensors. Windows weaken the hull and are expensive too.

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