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Portal in EP

I just finished playing Portal (yay free downloads!) and was struck how easily you could stick the plot into an EP game.

GLaDOS and the entire testing facility could be in a habitat. GLaDOS could easily be a left-over Titan or other rogue AI running these tests on the as-yet unreleased Portal gun technology with a bunch of fall survivors being sleeved into custom morphs.

Imagine the mind-bending scenarios as the PCs find the portal gun and the psychotic AI taunts them as they try to track it down, all the while, it promises them cake.

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Re: Portal in EP

Agreed, Lots of gems there.


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Regarding that story, I had a feeling the elevators wasn't elevators.

Imagine the players realizing that every time they entered a elevator in the test facility, they were replaced. (the "victorious" successful test-subjects for each test level are rewarded with archive storage, and becomes the template for the test subjects for the next level.

And that the current them actually are the combined result of a series of alfa forks archived along the obstacle course. Not that it should matter that the current them isn't the original, right?

as a reason for such a testing facility
"Your success is just a piece of CAKE". Peter Dittmar
"C - Cleverness"
"A - Ability"
"K - Karma"
"E - Electrifying personality"

Tests facility Essentially hoping to create & manufacture such a successful CAKE.

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Armored Trooper Votoms has the premises of such a testsubject. In it military scientists hoped to create super survivor soldiers, by placing surviving soldiers into new danger & repeating. But the resulting CAKE turned rogue too

Or perhaps Im overthinking Portal :D

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Re: Portal in EP

@King Shere
Evil >:D , I will have to steal some of those ideas for my game.

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