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Port Royal (A scum barge)

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Port Royal (A scum barge)
Okay, we know Eclipse Phase has pirates (awesome), but we haven't heard that much about the logistics of how they operate. So I had an idea for a pirate-focused scum barge. The barge doesn't act as a pirate ship- instead, it's a mobile base for pirate ships to stop by, repair their ships, sell cargo, and relax. It has facilities for repairing and equipping ships, a thriving black market, medical facilities, and several taverns. Another feature of the ship is its unique mesh presence- when viewed via mesh, it appears as a tropical island dotted with wooden buildings, with sailing ships on the horizon and snatches of sea shanties hanging in the air. Any other ideas about piracy in EP?
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Piracy in EP is going to be
Piracy in EP is going to be as much about information as it is about physical goods. I would expect it's mesh presence to contain a lot more than meets the eye. The barge could work as an information clearing house, the resource piracy secondary to it's primary purpose. Which gives the characters a reason to be there. As well as illicit recordings of inner system music and pirated software there's bound to be something stored in those servers that is important. Overlooked in a haul by a group of annons, or written off as nothing important it contains secrets transhumanity was not meant to know. And it's owners want it back...