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Pontes Pontes is an O'Neill cylinder originally founded by Brazilian interests and also attracting residents from other South American cultures. It is notable for hosting the largest shipyards in the Mars system. A significant portion of its population works for hypercorps focusing on particular elements of the aerospace industry, from spacecraft engineering to rocket design to construction. While many of the ships are manufactured for Consortium hypercorp clients, the Pontes yards cater to other interests as well. Pontes is also noteworthy as being the Martian habitat most open towards outer system types. The habitat welcomes numerous Extropian hypercorps and Titanian microcorps, and several neighborhoods are devoted to faithfully representing outer system cultures and lifestyles. It is reasonably easy to work out rep-credit exchanges here; if the banks won't do it, various private operations will. Even the Jovians have a presence in the region known as Little Argentina. Many Consortium hypercorps arrange their dealings with outer system polities here—though most are well aware that Oversight keeps a close watch on activities in this habitat. ___________________________________________________ Seems like fun... kind of like space casa blanca anybody set anything here yet? I got a firewall group going here next tuesday, and was really wondering if anyone has maybe a map of an O'Neil or any suggestions about how to lay out the various neiborhoods or how these groups would interact? power struggles etc. I'm thinking the different neiborhoods would act kind of like embassys "the ground your walking on is part of the Jovian republic and subject to its laws and enforcement" I kind of see the jovians like cornered animals...
"what do I want? The usual — hundreds of grandchildren, complete dominion over the known worlds, and the pleasure of hearing that all my enemies have died in highly improbable accidents that cannot be connected to me."