Who should fill the vacant seat on the Neighborhood Committee of the the 154th Ward of Valles-New Shanghai?

Cheng, widely considered fairest Little Shanghai committeewoman in her bribe demands
18% (2 votes)
Ho, gets city resources into the 154th but once burned a rival's eye out with a cigar
9% (1 vote)
Kim, working class strongman with Tharsis League ties
9% (1 vote)
Koncussion, roller derby athlete/cool hunter, most likely in the race to blog about it
18% (2 votes)
LeMur-Aleksandr, an uplift yet somehow able to run
18% (2 votes)
Li, middle class darling, takes much less reasonable bribes than Cheng
0% (0 votes)
Pulaski, rumored to be a Titanian sympathizer and nanofab pirate
18% (2 votes)
Rahul, Little Shanghai's most famous genderdrag performer
0% (0 votes)
SquireNed, forking law reform activist
9% (1 vote)
Total votes: 11
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Inb4 allegations of Titanians
Inb4 allegations of Titanians mass-forking/egocasting to vote in Pulaski.
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I would like to announce my
I would like to announce my candidacy, along with the candidacy of 98 forks of myself. I'm pretty sure that the Titanians aren't organized enough to really get Pulaski in. Also, c'mon, we can have a candidate named Koncussion and you have to debate who you want to have in office?
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Tavarus Excavar Would like to
Tavarus Excavar Would like to inform the Campaign Finance Committee of His Corporation, Obsidian Firelance Technologies out of Iapetus Orbit, pledging 3 Million Credits and providing campaign offices for Polaski Registered Alpha Fork: Amara Excavar Tavarus' Muse Pledges Support For SquireNerd
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Remember, kiddos, a vote for
Remember, kiddos, a vote for me is a vote for a brighter future!
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Pertaining to the fallout of the results
[b]A Warning to the Constituents By: 'Constable' Diamond, Representing security for the [i]Godspeed You![/i] Scum Swarm < info msg rep >[/b] Okay, I get it, scum swarms in the neighborhood are used as a way to let off steam, a much needed social pressure valve and all that shit. But lets get one thing [i]abundantly[/i] clear... Either maintain some fucking perspective or I'll space the lot of you. It's a [i]ward[/i] election. My rep's going to be trashed by you Tharsis hardliners for saying this but a martian ward is really not that important in the grand scheme of things. I've had three of you fuckers already do something to threaten one of my swarm's ships over this election. Apparently none of you can handle having a tiebreaker. I mean, I don't even subscribe to your polity systems and even I can see that first past the post is a retarded way to get representation. At least do an alternate vote or something. Seriously, first past the post is proof of the absence of god. As for the arsehole who manage to smuggle a full pack of hellballs on board hidden as anal beads: We take a dim view to plasma void-side. I mean, I still up-pinged your rep for creativity, because we're so stealing that idea - but if you do it again, I'm spacing you and then remote detonating the entire pack while they're crammed inside. Mind you, you'd probably earn rep if you XP'd the jaunt while you're at it. Some on board want to experience it but can't justify blowing up a perfectly good morph. Fucking crazies. Tangents aside: While you're on my ship, keep your fucking politics to yourself, leave your prejudices at the door, and decide on exactly which way you want to get all kinds of fucked up beforehand if you don't want to look amateurish. We clear? Good.
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Concerned TempCitizen
Hello! I'm a temporary citizen here in the 154th, and I can say that LeMur-Aleksandr is a very hardworking uplift who has done good work already for all of the people here. We are just a small clave of uplifts here, but candidate LeMur has much to offer human citzens. He comes to the table without bias towards any ego, dedicated to each and every sapient here. Vote LeMur! iNet embedded encrypt: 8D23-49277AE-F321
Spoiler: Highlight to view
ACCESS GRANTED What the fuck. The situation here in the ward is utterly insane, does anyone know what is going on? I'm in Valles-New Shanghai for a long-term Firewall monitoring op, but I'm 99% sure our target its unrelated to the events of this election. This is something else. Cheng probably didn't exist until four months ago. We have a tap on New Shanghai city servers, and her records were either expertly injected at that time with a full history, or modified in such a way that makes it appear they were injected. We can't tell. One of my off-mission sources reports Koncussion has been assassinated twice already. Not simple temporary biomorph deaths either, full restores from backup; though the resleeves have been through a black clinic. Outwardly, the public thinks he hasn't been touched. No cool hunter should have the resources to pull that off. I've had to pull in a lot of assets already because of the risk of detection from the uptick in police raids and Triad activity. If it gets much worse, there is a real possibility of either having to burn the op here or preemptively go active on incomplete intel. All I can really say about that contingency is that The exterminators are going to be very fucking late.
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I'm all for uplift rights and
I'm all for uplift rights and morphological freedom, but LeMur just rubs me the wrong way somehow. Maybe it's just that all of the pics I've found of him were taken at night, but something about those canines just sets off alarm signals. I mean, I know they're just teeth, but still. iNet embedded encrypt: 2E9F-20183DD-A391
Spoiler: Highlight to view
I've already got a couple forks in the Valles-New Shanghai region, and there are a few things I've seen (oh, the joys of eidetic memory augmentations). Chang did indeed appear out of nowhere four months ago, as you suspect. I would distrust her, though I suspect potential LLC involvement for no reason other than the fact that it seems to fit their modus operandi. Koncussion I don't know as much about. One of those assassinations was at the hands of a delta fork of mine (non-Firewall gig, strictly business). He's a heck of a fighter, but needs to watch his step a little better. I think he's trouble for sure, but it's not my investigation to run. Exterminators, though? Do you know something I don't? I'm isolating those forks until I get more info.
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Do you really think Pulaski
Do you really think Pulaski is backed by the Titanians? Personally, I don't believe it. He is far too direct for anything they would support. I agree with his stance on infrastructure renovations, but I do wonder where the money to perform them would come from. iNet embedded encrypt: 75DA-03B76F6-322E
Spoiler: Highlight to view
Sorry, Ned. Someone up the chain saw your response, decided you were useful, so I'm supposed to read you in to Operation GINGERBREAD RISE. Isn't being volunteered for these wonderful? So, GINGERBREAD. Seven months ago, a crow noticed bizarre behavior during a riot at the Liuhe Arcology and called in a investigation. So far we have confirmed there is something deeply wrong with the residents, but haven't determined why. Population census stands at 12,971 individuals. Liuhe has an unusually high number of residents that work remotely. It has a body bank in the lower floor, which isn't unusual, but it sells far fewer morphs than they should be producing. Materials have been steadily flowing into the building for renovations on the 65-74th floors, but its been far more that they should have needed. They have a statistically normal population intake, but no exit- frankly I don't know how it hasn't been noticed by anyone else. The observation op has been due to the number of affected people. I'm here as a tactician, but frankly I don't know what the best option is. We're hoping that its just some corp fucking about with addictive memetic architecture, but chances are not good. And now, this fucking ward neighborhood committee madness. I don't have the time to get involved, but we can't afford to have to pull out and leave whatever is in that arcology festering. As I implied, I have a failsafe, but exactly no one wants a AM charge detonated in New Shanghai, least of all me. I'm sending you the detailed data we have. Make sure you watch the questioning of Juliana Li, in case you need convincing.
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I don't know much about SquireNed, but I feel 99 forks of one person can get a lot of work done.
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I would vote for SquireNed, but am not able to. Is this subtle fork discrimination...against me for no apparent reason?
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Pulaski's probably not
Pulaski's probably not actually Titanian, but he's a wannabe. I make him out for an idealist, or maybe just a manipulative cynic, but not someone with a coherent action plan or a knowledge of the facts on the grounds that would really help. iNet embedded encrypt: 82BC-9148DA2-91F2
Spoiler: Highlight to view
It's fine. The upside of having many mes is that I can always devote a couple to something if I need to. Heck, the greatest part is that I can have some mes knowing what I'm doing and some who don't, so I even have double-layer cover. Oooh boy, arcologies. You caught up on your late 20th century roleplaying games? Arcologies can be scary places. Any more detail as to what exactly is wrong? I might try to nab and digitally interrogate someone, if it won't raise any red flags or get a fork infected. Do we have a lead on what they do remotely? Have we siphoned off their communications and decrypted them? Are they working independently on many projects, or are they doing work primarily with one or two entities? Failing to use morphs is unusual, but doesn't necessarily mean anything worthy of our attention is going on. Are there entrances and exits that things might be smuggled out through? When you say "no exit", do you mean "no exit" from the community, or "no exit" from the structure? I would suggest the insertion of an operative, if we have a stable and secure way to do so. Of course, depending on what's in there, we could get into big trouble. I have a beta fork I'm ready to send: doesn't know anything compromising. Unfortunately, unless I know an insertion vector (and I'm not a great actor), we'll have problems getting her in. I've got another fork devoting most of his efforts to surveillance as well; I'll see if I spot something that you don't. I haven't yet checked out Juliana Li's questioning tape, but I trust your judgment: if you think something is going down, I'm willing to stake some assets to look into it. I'll get back to you once I have a consensus.
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Voting has been extended due
Voting has been extended due to lack of a clear frontrunner.