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Political Philosophy

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Political Philosophy
Recently I had discovered Eclipse Phase after reading an article posted online titled Interview: Eclipse Phase – The anarchist RPG. This excerpt caught my eye: If I had to highlight my specific influences I would say Murray Bookchin, for his approaches towards confederalism, technology, and social ecology, and probably the entire German autonomist/antifa movement, for its non-dogmatic approach to synthesising radical ideas. Anarchist science writer Brian Martin probably impacted some of my views on scientific responsibility. After reading that, I decided to start reading and learning more about Eclipse Phase. Why it interested me is that I would describe my own political philosophy as largely orthodox Communalism, although I'm closely paying attention to the Rojava Revolution, and learning about the philosophy of Abdullah Ocalan. As such, an RPG that incorporates ideas from Bookchin is extremely interesting to me. How would you describe your political views?
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Right at the mid-point
Right at the mid-point between socdem and libsoc. I see the former as a vehicle to go from former to the latter. Main intellectual influences are Joan Robinson, Hannah Arendt, and Jurgen Habermas. Main practical influences are José Figueres Ferrer, and Martin Luther King Jr.