Policing genes

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Policing genes

Here is an art project with plenty of EP potential (scroll right):

Hypercorp copyright enforcement bees vs horticulture hackers! I can see things like this occurring on Mars, with biohackers fighting back using anti-police varroa. Accidental crossbreeding give the PCs a truly bizarre homecooked meal. Or Firewall operatives trying to handle an exsurgent-infested hive, hoping the mutating bees will reveal where they picked up those spores...

Some of his other projects also might be great inspiration.

This sounds like what advanced polities would give to citizens. "Sorry lad, but your charm is full. No more crack for you tonight."

A bugged bike intended to be stolen by bike thieves. Hmm, in EP you can put bugs into *anything* and *anyone*.

Teleoperated migrant labour. By AF10 this is pretty obsolete, with infomorphs or AIs taking their place. But a few oldsters may remember the days before AI.

History lenses - metamaterials that allow light through very slowly, allowing you to see what happened a set time before.

His attempt of building a toaster from scratch. Makes you appreciate living in an advanced technological civilization.