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Policing genes

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Policing genes
Here is an art project with plenty of EP potential (scroll right): http://www.thomasthwaites.com/policing-genes/ Hypercorp copyright enforcement bees vs horticulture hackers! I can see things like this occurring on Mars, with biohackers fighting back using anti-police varroa. Accidental crossbreeding give the PCs a truly bizarre homecooked meal. Or Firewall operatives trying to handle an exsurgent-infested hive, hoping the mutating bees will reveal where they picked up those spores... Some of his other projects also might be great inspiration. http://www.thomasthwaites.com/prohibition-culture/ This sounds like what advanced polities would give to citizens. "Sorry lad, but your charm is full. No more crack for you tonight." http://www.thomasthwaites.com/honeytrap/ A bugged bike intended to be stolen by bike thieves. Hmm, in EP you can put bugs into *anything* and *anyone*. http://www.thomasthwaites.com/teleoperation/ Teleoperated migrant labour. By AF10 this is pretty obsolete, with infomorphs or AIs taking their place. But a few oldsters may remember the days before AI. http://www.thomasthwaites.com/nanotechnology/ History lenses - metamaterials that allow light through very slowly, allowing you to see what happened a set time before. http://www.thetoasterproject.org/ His attempt of building a toaster from scratch. Makes you appreciate living in an advanced technological civilization.