Podcast with AI tidbits

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Podcast with AI tidbits

Thought I'd share this. I listened to it last week - had no idea what the content was at the time but found it apropos to the weeks theme for me. I'd picked up EP last week and the day I picked it up I started in on this podcast. It's from www.theskepticsguide.org - Skeptics guide to the univers, one of my favorite podcasts.

It's #218, the interview with Mark Vasser.


I found it interesting, and fortunate that I was in the mind set for it. I found his take on how to constrain - or in his case why you wouldn't have to constrain - artifical intelligences a little odd. While what he says makes sense I don't think I'd want to rely on the concept of AI being limited to behaviour basd on hwat it was initially built for. It sounds like that would really be one steop below an Emergent AI in my opinion.

Anyway, see what you think, give it a listen. One of the Podcast members is big into nano tech, transhumanism and so on. Occasionally these sorts of topics come up but overall this podcast is probably one of my favorites.