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POD version of EP core rules

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POD version of EP core rules
Hi, I'd like to get a copy of the 4th printing of EP 1st edition core rules before it potentially becomes unavailable. I see it is still available via Drive Thru RPG POD. I'm not sure what the difference is in quality between the standard/premium printing that they offer, and the older version of the rules that I bought from my local gaming shop several years ago. Can any of you lovely folks enlighten me? Thanks in advance. :-)
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well with the large books I
well with the large books I do not have experience with DTRG's POD service but they adventures like million year echo and devotees came out pretty well. I recommend bulk buying the PODS to save on shipping and make them less prone to folding.
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Thanks - I have some of the
Thanks - I have some of the adventures too and they look great - I just wasn't sure what the difference was between 'standard' and 'premium' printing, and how it looks compared to the print books I buy in my local gaming store.
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Some retailers will still have copies. My I certainly know of copies on shelves in my city. I've ordered one through a mates store, and a copy of Transhuman too, though it will be out of date any second now.