Plot idea: Jovian civil war

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Plot idea: Jovian civil war

So... The Spear of Longinus is a nascent terrorist organization that has a much more radical take on bioconservatism than the leading elite of the Jovian Republic.

It would probably be good for a campaign then, to have them go hog-wild on Ganymede.

The juxtaposition of the more moderate Jovian Republic (Despite being a hellhole in its own right...) And the extremists of The Spear of Longinus would be... Delightful. Here's an opportunity to paint a picture of the Junta as a force for good (In this situation!) As compared to The Spear Of Longinus' homegrown extremism. Very black-and-grey. If you throw a few WMDs into the mix, suddenly you'll have a massively destabilizing force and a reason for Firewall to intervene...