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Player.. or GM if I need to be

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Player.. or GM if I need to be
I am looking for a game to join. Probably online, since locally I am in the middle of nowhere. I am free most of the time (until sometime early next year). I would like to try Eclipse Phase. Since it sounds really interesting. Everyone wants to be a player and not a GM. I am the same way actually. Since I have little experience in GMing. I might want to try it some day, but I am not so sure I would be able to make it fun. But I am willing to give it a try. If I was to do it it would likely be over Skype or something like roll20. The game mechanics are fuzzy, so I would have read those over better (they sound a bit like CoC). I am free.. most of the time, I can make myself available to play anytime dusk to dawn, and any day of the week with a little shuffling around. I found eclipse phase while reading a review on cyberpunk v3, saying that it was a terrible game versus something like Eclipse Phase. I was curious, since it only had a short mention and no link. So I looked it up. With a look research I found that no, I did not have to spend the XX amount to buy any hardcovers, as the books were available by creative commons. So I found them and spent the last 2 weeks burning myself out reading them.
VR Superstars
You're wannabe superstars for the Starcraft of transhumanity's future. Think Call of Duty or Battlefield only with transhuman technology. That's what we're playing. We're in #X-Com on irc.rizon.net. No maptools, but there will be maps. You'll see, if you join up.