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Player looking for an online game

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Player looking for an online game
I was recently introduced to eclipse phase by the know evil AP campaign on the RPPR website. I'd like to try my hand at this game, I'm available mondays, tuesdays after 7pm(EST) and saturdays. I'm familiar with skype, roll20 and IRC. while I'd need/like to make a character to suit a campaign, ideas i've come up with are a gatecrasher search and rescue specialist, argonaut bio-engineer who works on uplifts and smart animals, or a hardass egohunter
VR Superstars
You're wannabe superstars for the Starcraft of transhumanity's future. Think Call of Duty or Battlefield only with transhuman technology. That's what we're playing. We're in #X-Com on irc.rizon.net. No maptools, but there will be maps. You'll see, if you join up.