Plasma or water cutter

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Plasma or water cutter

How would they work as weapons? What would be added to versions designed specifically as weapons, as opposed to tools used as improvised weapons, and how would they differ statwise?

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Plasma cutters can be found

Plasma cutters can be found in "Gatecrashing".
They have AP-8, 2d10+8DV, fire semi-auto and have a max range of 20m.

Water cutters don't have stats, but the shredder is the EP equivalent.
It just uses diamond slivers instead of water.

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Plasma sword

Also in the newest sourcebook Firewall, there's a weapon called plasma sword which is basically a sword that is a plasma cutter, it is also pretty much a lightsaber so yeah its cool. It does 2d10+8 with AP8

As for a water cutter, I don't think that's a weapon in the game, like someone else said shredders are an option. But if you think about it a water cutter isn't a practical option for a weapon to carry around. They function by blasting a concentrated jet of water at high pressure, which limits its use to how much water you have on you. Water is a lot harder than ammo or plasma to make large supplies of, which is why you generally only see water cutters used industrially today, where they're hooked up to plumbing systems and stuff. You could theoretically make a water cutter a weapon but it probably wouldn't be good for many shots before you ran out of ammo for it.

I suppose you could combine a nanofabricator into the thing to create water on demand but you would nee hydrogen and oxygen canisters to fuel it and it would be bulky and horribly inefficient even then. You'd be better off with other options IMO, but that is one way you COULD make it work I guess

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Adding a nanofabber would

Adding a nanofabber would make it so much worse than just carrying a tank of water. Volume and energy use really doesn't favor that at all. If you did something like that, skip the nanofabber, and just make an oxyhydrogen torch.

If a water jet weapon could get up to the same speeds as a shredder (which is unclear to me) it could be pretty dangerous, but generically inferior to the shredder, as water is less dense than diamond, and much less hard.