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"The Plan"

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"The Plan"
While I realize that this question may be a bit premature, especially since the main book isn't quite out yet, but what's the general plan of support down the road?

Will sourcebooks, such as the inner system one whose cover we've seen - be the norm, or will adventures, equipment/morph guides also theoretically be in the mix?
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The rough schedule for the

The rough schedule for the first year is:

* GM Screen with adventure and NPCs

* Sunward: The Inner system setting sourcebook. This will focus on setting details, but will also have some gear and rules specific to those settings.

* Gatecrashing sourcebook. This will cover the gates, gate operations, exoplanets, and exoplanet exploration. Mostly setting but also some gear and rules.

* Title TBA: A sourcebook that will focus on several themes such as uplifts, habitats, etc. Again a combo of setting and gear/rules.

After that you're likely to see a setting book for the outer system and a full campaign adventure. We also plan to publish some PDF-only material as well -- most likely adventures. Beyond that we have some ideas, but nothing set in stone yet, and we'll be looking for feedback from players on what they want to see.

Rob Boyle :: Posthuman Studios

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Submission Guidelines
Excellent news.

Again, it may be a little soon, but I'd be interested in potentially creating a PDF-Adventure or something similar.

Are outside contributors a possibility?
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Due to legal reasons, we

Due to legal reasons, we don't really accept unsolicited proposals, and frankly don't even look at them, for everyone's protection.

If you're interested in writing/freelancing though, drop me a message through the website and we'll talk.

We'll probably be running some submission contests down the line, too, in which case we will have an open call for submissions according to certain guidelines.

Rob Boyle :: Posthuman Studios