Picard and Firewall?

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Picard and Firewall?

Who else here sees, in the first season of Picard, some interesting analogies with Eclipse Phase?

The Zhat Vash, a Romulan group existing in secret, is the main antagonist. Formed after learning of a potential existential threat to life in the Milky Way Galaxy through the creation of synthetic life, the secret Zhat Vash embarked on a secret campaign to prevent this. Unknown to nearly all Romulans, the Zhat Vash twisted Romulan policies in such a way as to prevent Romulan AI; outside of the Star Empire's borders, too, the Zhat Vash undertook deniable operations aiming to abort what it saw as potential existential threats, at whatever the necessary cost. The Zhat Vash definitely reminded me of Firewall.

The big difference between the two is that the Zhat Vash seem to have been crippled by the cultural biases of its civliization of origin. It was seemingly strongest in the circles of the famously paranoid intelligence area of the famously paranoid Romulans, and failed altogether to broaden its membership beyond Romulans. If it had been maintained by people able to do that, I think the Zhat Vash would have been able to achieve its goals at lower costs. There would have been no need to sabotage Mars and its shipyards, at the cost of hundreds of millions of Romulan lives lost in the failed evacuation.

(I leave aside the question of whether a more open-minded Zhat Vash could have come to a more accurate evaluation of the potential threat. Suffice it to say that the organization may have misread the nature of the threat.)