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Personal Augmentation/Armor tables?

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Personal Augmentation/Armor tables?
Is it just me, or did pretty much everything in the Gear section except Weapons and Vehicles not get Tables?
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armor is on 312, drugs are on

armor is on 312, drugs are on 320, nano drugs a few pages later. toxins on 325. theres a pets table, too.

but youre right. lots of stuff that could be in tables isnt. it makes my inner powergamer sad that i cant quickly search for the item that provides the best bonus for whatever application i might need. :(

but in defense of the writers, i think the idea is that the descriptions of items are mostly fluff and not really based on numerical stats. what would you put in a table of the various cyber/bio/nano mods? they all do different things, and their only common fields would be Name, Price, and Page Number. seems like a table wouldnt be very usefull here.

something like Shadowrun was a bit more crunchy where your table would include things like essence cost and capacity. but those things dont exist here (thank god) and so a table just isnt that usefull.

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Still, even a two column

Still, even a two column Augmentation table would be awesome.

And yeah, I just noticed the Armor table...lacking costs? Erg!

The reason why I really want these is because I'm working on a chargen program and information sets in one specific place is better than me crawling through the book or pdf.