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If I order the hardbook can I also get the pdf along with it or would I have to pay for both? I like having a pdf as it lets e print out essential bits, like combat rules, and take just that to a c onvention with me as it's lighter than the whole book and less expensive if I lose it or it gets swiped...

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I think Rob said (somewhere) there will be print and pdf bundles like the Shadowrun books. This does not give you the pdf for free but at a slightly reduced cost to buying the two media separately. However, I may be getting mixed up and official word would be good (although it does make sense to keep in line with other Catlabs products....)
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That's correct, there will

That's correct, there will be a bundle deal available to get the book + PDF at a cheaper rate.

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Excellent news. Now it's just
Excellent news. Now it's just the agonizing wait.
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...but at the end will free
...but at the end will free grief counseling and cake! ...and Transhumansit conspiracy and horror too...
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...all you really need to do is store yourself till August and then re-sleeve.

You can do that, right?
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Oh how I wish....
Oh how I wish....
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