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PC to NPC Project

I admit, even though I am student of Professor Magnus Ming I suck at Computational Archaeology. So if this is a topic that has been up before, please forgive me for not doing my research/digging on the forum as thorough as it should have been. :)

Now, on to the actual question/offer...

I have this idea that around the world there are some good GM's and players making these fantastic PC's, agents of Firewall and others. Sharing is caring, so I thought to myself;

"Wouldn't it be a great help and inspiration if one could pile all these unique PC's to one single place in a data bank of sorts and make it available to other GM's as a help to set up interesting NPC's or contacts in Firewall. Someones PC becomes a NPC in someone else's game..."

In this way, all the bizarre, fun, interesting, twisted, and odd characters that is made up by someone else's mind and experience becomes a unique flavor and touch in your campaign.

This "someone" to do it would be me, I volunteer as a good Titan citizen, and someone else who would find this fun. My time is limited at the moment but this is a project I wouldn't rush in to so at this point I just scout the interest and let the idea grow here and sink in.

The question I have though, is if there is any interest in this project and/or if you GM's would find it helpful? If it wouldn't be of any use to YOU, it would be a waste of time. If it would be fun and inspirational to you it would be my pleasure.

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Check out eldrich.host/games

Check out eldrich.host/games/characters section. Currently you could use it to freely post characters without much hassle and just give them some more description.

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Indeed! The idea of players

Indeed! The idea of players from around the EP community posting their cool NPCs is actually what first triggered the creation of eldrich.host. To make it a bit easier, I've actually made account registration on the site open, at long last — if you create a new account and log in, you can start poking around! You can also create custom homebrew locations and factions, though only GMs can currently create custom gear, morphs, etc.

If you have a number of themed characters that go together, you might consider making an 'Inspiration' post there to describe what links them together. Then they can all be associated with it, and viewed as a collection…

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Instant villain, just add water

This sounds like a great GM resource. And we can register on eldritch.host? How? I can't find it on the site...

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Quote:This sounds like a

This sounds like a great GM resource. And we can register on eldritch.host? How? I can't find it on the site...

Sorry for the obscurity of it — the first pass design for the site leaves... a little to be desired. If you click on the little person-head icon in the footer, next to the copyright information, it'll take you to account information — or a form to sign up if you're not already logged in.
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(Also, although I can't make

(Also, although I can't make any promises until the full rules and conversion guidelines are here, I'm pretty determined to provide some basic tools for converting EP1 NPCs, creatures, and PCs to EP2…

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All this sounds awsome. Good that I don't have to create the wheel again. LOL

I take a look. Just tell me if there is something I can help out with.

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I will definitely convert some PC's some NPC as a contribution to your site. I need to run them in Singularity software first.

Want some help with the website as such? Been a long time since I did such things but I have access to the whole Adobe CC software. Let me know what you think.