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Pave the World!

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Pave the World!
Just a thought, been trying to think of what sort of issues might gain the attention of everyone (or nearly so) among the scattered transhuman societies, perhaps this. Given the available technology, is there any group or Oligarchy that is advocating terraforming Earth... wiping the slate clean and starting over. Drop some asteroids, maybe some nukes to fry some of the nastier lingering machines, etc. Mind you, it's the end of what's left of the ecology and for all intents and purposes would wipe clean all human traces and we'd have to re-draw the maps... but it's still the best piece of property for organic life in the Sol system. One can see the incandescent debates to come, but at the least it could make for an interesting background piece (if not an adventure for a Firewall team that finds itself dealing with an overzealous individual that simply want's to go ahead with it).
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The debate about exactly how
The debate about exactly how to fix/terraform/reclaim the Earth is likely a large and divisive one amongst Reclaimers, and sure there are probably some that recommend a completely wipe and re-install, if nothing else just to make sure all of the TITAN remnants are gone.

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