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Pavarti i-net All active Sentinals are warned of an emerging x-threat on your location. Details are scant, but we believe you are looking for a female transhuman, possibly with a dragon-inspired morph. This ego is part of a hivemind, subservient to a Queen figure, and does not appear to be part of the Neo-Synergist group. We don't have an exact location, and the description of the x-threat makes it likely she can blend into the seedy background here with ease. We are more interested in gathering further details about this hive structure and the Queen running it. If agent Picollo is encounter, agents are to maintain their distance. He is our bait on this one, and isn't aware of Firewall involvement in his...romance. Terminal sanctions on Picollo are being considered if his interest in this case turns out to be as twisted as signs indicate.
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Re: Pavarti i-net A team of Sentinels have been activated, and are to be afforded any resources they need within reason. They will need to be provided with morphs, identities, and weaponry, but they are not to be directly contacted by any active who doesn't want to be quarantined for a few weeks. Erasure squad should keep on their toes, as these Sentinels may abruptly stop being friendlies.
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Re: Pavarti i-net
TO: Proxy 23-17
FROM: Aoide
We have arrived, and the requested morphs are in good repair. We are picking up the package and beginning our search. The locals sweep for surveillance equipment with a distressing frequency, and use up-to-date programming, so any bugs we use will either work for only a short time, or will have to tap into some of Firewall's state-of-the-art gear. As you've stressed the importance of not leaving a trail, we will endeavor not to waste them.
TO: Aoide
FROM: Proxy 23-17
Some of your gear requests were not available at the moment, and other requests are better handled by an erasure squad. You are hunting one member of a hive, not the whole hive. Our intel does not put the Queen anywhere near this location, and that much antimatter would just cause you problems with local authorities. Picollo never specified a location to meet his hive-girl, and we don't have a description of her. Our guess is that some of her hunting behavior will give her away, so keep an ear out for unusual amounts of violence. Or you might try to catch her attention and become her prey, which might be easier.
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