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Pavarti c-net

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Pavarti c-net
-Link established: Operative Echo #888-6AO Transmission window 00:00:27- ZEUS> |TARGET CONFIRMED| OPERATION DESIGNATION: QUEENS GAMBIT ACCEPTED PRIMARY OBJECTIVE- SECURE AND EXTRACT Echo> Secondary? Neutralize threat? ZEUS> NEGATIVE Echo> Parameters? ZEUS> ALL COLLATERAL DAMAGE ACCEPTABLE ALL INHABITANTS EXPENDABLE Echo> This includes the VIP and civilians? ZEUS> ALL INHABITANTS EXPENDABLE. WARNING: TERTIARY FORCES PRESENT. FIREWATCH Echo> Figures. Everyone's invited. I'll avoid contact. ZEUS> TERMINATE WITH EXTREME PREJUDICE IF INHIBITED Echo> I'll do it my way asshole. Exit? ZEUS> RAZORWIRE ON STATION SQUAWK 6099 Echo> Affirmative. I really wish you could see the gesture I'm -END TRANSMISSION-


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