Pandora's Gate is not a Toy!

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Pandora's Gate is not a Toy!

Raul Guernio
Field Logistics Manager
Pandoras Gate, on Pandora

Somebody has to start clamping down on these art collectives. I don't care how much kroner they have, the gate is not a toy!

Let me explain. So this art collective called Eros by Twilight shows up, we figure they only requested 15 minutes of gate time to a well explored habitat, what could go wrong, right? So their trideo crew starts setting up, broadcasting XP live, that sort of thing, and these two actors, a man in an exhault and a woman in a sylph, they start undressing. We figure, "whatever, nativity scene, artistic statement, lets just get this over with."

So we dial the gate, and these two start straddling the gate, standing between the portal. Thats already a big breach of gate protocol, but the guy, well he bends her over and they start.. you know.. right in the middle of the gate! I swear we must have stood there standing there for five minutes not knowing what the hell to do, (though i imagine some of the cargo crews must have been enjoying the show) before our senior officer whistled and spun his finger in a circle above his head, signalling them to shut it down and wrap it up.

The guy seemed pretty relaxed when security apprehended him, but the woman screaming bloody murder, kicking and screaming, to the point where she needed to be sedated. Heh, I guess she must have been pretty frustrated..