Ozymandias, a Campaign across space and time

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Ozymandias, a Campaign across space and time

Hey Folks, my name is Wesley and I will be starting an EP campaign on Monday. You may watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SoDPNqtMem8

The premise I am working with is a number of egos from the 21th century are sleeved shortly before the fall. This will be my attempt to teach the system in game and give them the history of the world. This will hopefully work.

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And episode one is up and

And episode one is up and running. We had such things as an intense ping pong match, a hotel room with a rotary phone, the worst vistas ever, really good coffee, and a guy named Frank. The was also some molestation by a help avatar and there will be a fist fight next time.

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Now on Podbean

Well, it has been a while since I have been on here. Sorry for the lack of follow through but stuff came up. Anyway, Ozymandias is five episodes in and the Fall is happening. The players are indentured and they will find out about that planned obsolescence soon enough. Anyway, here is the link to our Podbean channel: http://mnh.podbean.com/ and the latest episode, http://mnh.podbean.com/e/monday-night-heroes-eclipse-phase-ozymandias-episode-5/

You can still check out the youtube channel if you want to see my face for radio: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZqJ40E5kpow

Feel free to post with any comments or constructive criticism.

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Episode 6 is up

Well, in an extra special episode, we have dead nuns, a pen used as a tool to treat the mentally ill, and PVP.

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Episode 10

Tonight we bring you episode 10, yes I have been a little behind posting this. Our protagonists are currently working as teachers in the lost project, God Help them. There has been a murder and one of the party is missing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gYpKQjUlFuI

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Neat. I'll give this a go.

Neat. I'll give this a go.

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So, I came across this and

So, I came across this and gave it a listen for a few episodes.

Now, all of this comes with a big stonking asterisk followed by "this is my opinion"; maybe you all love the game and this is how you like to play and what works for you etc etc. And that's great for you guys. I'm just offering my perspective as an audience member, someone listening to it as a podcast.

I would recommend recording game sessions where everyone is at the table wherever possible for sound quality; I understand that getting people around a table is more challenging than it seems, so an easier alternative might be getting everyone to use headset mics to improve audio quality where possible. It makes listening an easier experience.

Something else to consider might be some sort of "mic discipline" behaviour, to cut down on people interjecting and talking over each other, which makes it easy for listeners to lose track of what's going on, who's doing what etc. It's a lot simpler than you might think, something like raising a hand when you want to speak; my IRL group decided to introduce a similar system of hand signals to clarify what's in and out of character and we all picked it up super-easily.

The other thing to consider would be some editing; the process can be slow and I'm not saying you need to take out every pause or verbal tic but every now and then while listening I came across parts of the AP that took waaay longer than they should because someone's haggling over inventory or just crossing their arms and refusing to go along with a plan for no real reason until they eventually get forced. In my head I was just thinking "get on with it!" So maybe when you're listening through the recordings, be a little brutal about what each scene is "doing", what "needs to be there", so that things keep going on at a fairly brisk pace.

I really liked your choice of period; I think pre- and during the Fall is a really good start point and just an interesting period overall. Florida is also an interesting choice and I did like the locations you came out with. You hit a lot of good beats for the end of the world; flying away from the blast, crowded refugee areas, firing lines against unspeakable hordes, infection paranoia.

But the biggest problem I had overall with the game was that the players really didn't seem to take any of it seriously or engage with it properly, which was kind of a frustrating listening experience. You know, the world's ending around them and they're making dick jokes, and it's kind of hard to hope they survive the next tense encounter or root for them at all when, let's be frank, they're all playing assholes. ("Oh hey you National Guard guys are trying to save people? I'm going to sit here and insult you!") It just felt like you were going for one kind of game and the players were going for something else, which can work sometimes but I think maybe doesn't work here. If that's the case, if you as GM feel that maybe there's a mood you want to capture in certain scenes that they're not responding to, maybe consider having a chat with your players and try to get them on board.

I'm sorry that this is quite a bit of negativity but I've tried to keep this as constructive as possible. Hope it helps!

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No worries about the

No worries about the criticism. I think they are legit points to make but at the same time the group dynamic is consistent across all games and my nature is more to work with the lumber before me rather than try and shave it into what I would force it to be. That and I tend to find a certain beauty in seeing a result far from what I expected. However we are putting this out there to hopefully entertain others as well so I will present your critiques to the group as well.

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New Episode tonight

Well, back in the saddle again, after forgetting to post a couple of links for the last show or two we did. We have an auction, bounty hunting, exploding batteries, and more: