Orphaned Players seeking online GM to replace one who flaked/online game to join.

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Orphaned Players seeking online GM to replace one who flaked/online game to join.

Hi. I'm Shadow, and I've been abandoned by my GM. Myself, sykoticwit, and DarkDaemon were in a game being run by someone, but he seems to have cut his ties to us completely and without warning: he just vanished from our Skype contact lists and seems not to be around. We've tried to get ahold of him, but he hasn't responded in a week, so we can only conclude he doesn't want anything to do with us or EP anymore. So, we're looking for someone else to take up the reins of a chat-based, real-time internet game for us; or, alternatively, some group who already have such a game to take us in.

We have three characters already built that we'd like to use, though we can tweak them to fit if we're to join an existing game. Our characters are ideally based out of Titan, though that can be tweaked as well.

Mine: Angela "Moira" Delaware, a hugely lucky, high @-Rep professional bodysculptor/gene tailor and currently looking to improve her academic education. (I wrote her up as a student at T.A.U.) She has a huge family of forked "Twins," who can be found in all sorts of places, from among the Solarians to gatecrashing.

DarkDaemon: Fiona, an infolife psychosurgeon with an amnesiac history who freelances all around the rimward areas looking to help those in need. Has a history of knowing the Angelas, and presumably, at game start, would be living in Angela's Ghostrider module.

sykoticwit: Hiroshi, a Brinker wanderer who can turn up anywhere; hacker, ship piloting, some talkyness. He has forks of himself running in his head, and likes to talk to them.

I'm located on the East Coast of the U.S.A., sykoticwit and DarkDaemon are both West Coasters. We're looking for an internet game, though, so thousands of miles are no obstacle to us playing together.

I'm good just about any time except Sundays, but Sycotic and DarkDaemon have stuff they do. We'd ideally be looking for a weekday game; Mondays, and Wednesdays and Fridays after 5 PM PST (that's actually 1 AM GMT on the following day,) and Tuesdays/Thursdays after 4 PM, PST (12 midnight on the following day, GMT.)

We're good players to recruit; we've already had time to play our characters together and they play well off one another, and expanding their circle of friends, acquaintances, allies, and general pals would always be nice. We'd be willing to flex them to fit them into some sorts of games, though they don't all fit all types of games and thus we'd be willing to make new characters, if absolutely need be.

Skype and AIM names: Exactly the same as my forum name.

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