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Organized Play

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Organized Play
Would Posthuman Studios be interested in holding organized and standard play at conventions in a similar manner as D&D Adventures League? I'd be interested to see what kind of convention created content fans of the game would write for official packaging and release.
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So who writes the adventures?
While a cool idea, the main hurdle is actually having enough prepared official content to be able to run a new module every month. Posthuman Studios is not a giant team, and there's not that huge of a back catalog that can be converted over to publishable adventures. Unless I misunderstand how Convention AL works, I've only played at my local game stores.
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Yeah, I suspect that's the
Yeah, I suspect that's the reason that Paizo and Wizards are some of the only companies which do that kind of organized play.
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Convention Created Content
One of the ways these other companies produce so much content is rather than have their own people write the material they offer to have freelance teams write their own content. The company then reviews the submissions and acts as final editor and canon control before they give it their blessing. The freelancers don't draw pay from the company but benefit from the approval standard the company gives them as 'official' content. They then may sell their work independently on websites like Drive Thru RPG. EDIT: Generally, a rubric is created and released upon request to freelancers wishing write their own content.
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