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An organic shapeshifter?

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An organic shapeshifter?
So I have this player who wants his starting morph to be a shapeshifter… a very specific kind. He describes his concept as doing the kind of stuff that Skinflex implants or a Liquid Steel synth could do, or a rather complex Flexbot array. But he wants to be completely organic, as in a blob of meat that can record people's shapes and mold into them. Is this something that is in ANY way possible with EP tech, or is it solely the realm of Exurgent mooks?
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I mean, technically, with
I mean, technically, with Skinflex, Gait Masking and Skeletal Disguise, you can basically self shape to look like any humanoid person you like (assuming they aren't heavily modded with like, obvious cyberlimbs or carapace armor). Going full Odo or other organic meat-blob is a little outside the realm of pure biomorphs, however, as far as I know. I don't know if the tech is efficient enough to support a meatbag that has free-range shapeshifting ability.
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I'm fairly sure that's all
I'm fairly sure that's all exsurgent and TITAN tech.
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at the very least may require
at the very least may require some gate crashing to acquire. whether it bio samples from a shape shifting xenos species or scavenged tech from an alien civ. if they want it without that and exsurgant/titan influence its going to be really crude and really limited. I'd also make their alienation tests harder