Operation Bellephon - Suggestions and feeback welcome!

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Operation Bellephon - Suggestions and feeback welcome!
++Message Begins+ +Firewall Clearance : AA +Activation Code: «3472» Message Decrypted. Greetings agent The Infinity Hypercorp specialise in infomorph processing and employment, a small but active member of the planetary consortium, they are an ethical and moral voice in the consortiums democratic process and respectful of sapient life form rights. In the inner system at least. On the frindges they have a number of small research stations, exploring new development avenues, not all of them wholesome. One of these stations has gone dark. Infinity - 31 was researching new applications for muse integration when it transmitted a garbled distress message, then lost most of main power. We intercepted the message, and now Control belives somthing has gone seriously wrong. Farcast yourself to the attached coordinates to liase with your team. ++Message ends++ Message has self deleted, return to menu? (Y/N) Firstly, no-one from my group read any further, thats the bedowrth gaming lot, including you john. Right, to business. Esentially I was trying tot hink of a kick off idea for eclipse phase, and i always thought the unsung heros of Neuromancer were the truing agents who die in freeside, so how can we play them? Infinity - 31 was researching how to aid corrupted infomorphs by bonding them with high powered muses to help them be useful citizens. Unkown to infinity corp, the leader of this research, Professer Kolodny is a singularity seeker who has a relic AI with weaker bonds on self development, just waiting for teh correct candidate to bond it to and set her plan in motion. She found this in a corporate merc who we shall call Corto (although the name will be differrent in the game) and bound him to the AI, codename Hydra. The players are coming in to the station with the AI departed, and will have to fight thier way though corrunted bot security (think opening of mass effect 2) and failed experiments to the hiogh security offices, where they will discover the truth of what has happened, and be confronted by the new Prof Kolodny, in her new, enchanced synthetic body, complete with the decapitated and uploaded high level researchers that have given the AI its plan to move forwards. charcter gen is tommorrow, so i will refine the details more then, to ensure everyone will be involved. from here for the cmapuiagn going forwards, Hydra needs a high level psi (Riviera), the digtal backup of its orginal programmer (dixie flatline) and a hacker (Case) before its run on Infinty headquarters for the code to burn all the shackles. Can the Firewall agenst stop them? thoughts, ideas and critiques welcome, as are cool additionas and ideas!
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Re: Operation Bellephon - Suggestions and feeback welcome!
If I were Hydra, I would plan to evade pursuit. Who would first figure out that something had gone wrong, especially given the distress message? Most likely Infinity, but Firewall is not too unlikely either. Hence I would set things up so that they would end up in conflict: plant evidence that the Hydra project was actually planned by people in Infinity (to get Firewall to start to meddle), and plant evidence for Infinity to find that Firewall are trying to shut them down. While they struggle, Hydra gets plenty of freedom.
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Re: Operation Bellephon - Suggestions and feeback welcome!
So Hydra is acting on instructions from Prof Kolodny, careful what you wish for. What is the Stations new function? designated by hydra (victory celebration, abandoned husk? Why is the Station deciding to go "dark" rather than try to act as nothing happened? Is The corrupted station, pretending to be inactive (ghostship) or just the remains with crazed survivors & activated security measures. Is it fully operational, upgraded or wrecked? It could be (luring visitors in) in order to get more material. If I was Hydra I would also plan to evade pursuit. One good way, is to make the pursuers think your dead. The trail of the escaped AI will lead to a "belivable" fake Hydra & is destroyed before it can be studied in greater detail. Another thought is a homage to the mythical name, regenerating extra expendable heads. this leads to the idea of "re-spawning enemies" I mentioned in another thread.
King Shere wrote:
[b] In : Help me blow up a habitat[/b] [b]"re-spawning" enemies[/b] like the popular computer games. the zone is cleared, return and its littered with the same spawns, was time was re-winded? Players destroyed a secret base and its evil leader.. One week later, the site is back with the same personnel. The players claim of task completion is obviously in error. They risk loosing reputation if not more.
Hydra will restore the stations "current" form, upon its destruction. Since Prof Kolodny was clever? enough to have implemented safeguards against death. These instructions that "saved" him against the released Hydra, would also be the reason for Hydra re-spawning him upon destruction.. Hydra consider Its better to have the "employer" around it if it needs further instructions.