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open-source fantacy RPG based loosely on EP

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open-source fantacy RPG based loosely on EP
Hey, if anyone's interested, I'm putting together a fantasy RPG based (somewhat loosely) off the Eclipse Phase D% system. Responses among my play group are generally positive so far, so I thought I'd through it out to see if any of y'all might be interested or have useful input. As of a few hours ago, it's hosted on github. (typedrat is hosting it, I'm the other guy.) Our intent is for it to be open-source under the creative commons noncommercial license. Here's the link: https://github.com/typedrat/gleeches-and-dragons
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Are you aware of the
Are you aware of the RuneQuest/BRP OGL Clone (also d100 based) by the same name? https://www.geeknative.com/24758/free-to-download-renaissance-rpg/ You should probably change the name.
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