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[OOC] Would someone please explain how this section works?

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[OOC] Would someone please explain how this section works?
Topic. I feel derp for not being able to figure it out on my own, but how does the IC Talk section work? Is there some sort of living campaign-esque continuity here that I'm not getting? Or some way to at least figure out what character someone is playing? To clarify: I get Eclipse Phase and roleplaying in general. I just find this format confusing.
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Re: [OOC] Would someone please explain how this section works?

root@Would someone please explain how this section works?

This is mostly improv: we wanted to build a living community that people could play campaigns through. Think of it like WoW, with Second Life as the canvas they are playing on. It met with mixed results.

I think the idea was to build threads for individual locals or mesh communities, and have people choose to play NPCs there. Gamemasters can run their players through scenes, some of which involve visiting the local . The NPC becomes a player briefly, for however long the interaction takes. If the traveling group wants the NPC to be able to interact with their characters meaningfully should tag their characters listing in the In-Character Cast List with a three tropes.

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Now I spot this. ;)
Now I spot this. ;) I'm surprised it hasn't been made into a sticky.
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Made sticky
Made sticky
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I also think it has sort of
I also think it has sort of evolved since this thread was first created. Perhaps we could find someone to explain what they want out of the threads and how it all works.
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However you want it to
It can be you describing the physical events in your posts or like an IC version of a mesh forum or something different.
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So on an RPG forum what is a
So on an RPG forum what is a IC forum about? well ic is short for in character. in this sub forum we use characters that we create much like a pen and paper rpg and we act out various scenarios with other people. Anywhere from online dating to roaring adventures to marketing material. anything designated by OOC means out of character and is the voice of the poster not their character or flavor text. RP in this forum comes in various formats from archetypal play by post to more fluid dynamics of working things out in the meta and recording the results. The fundamental factor being that the OP sets the rules and format in his original post. any questions?