[OOC Game Announcement] Suffer Little Children on WotC Boards

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[OOC Game Announcement] Suffer Little Children on WotC Boards

Hey all,

I wanted to trawl for interest in a play-by-post Eclipse Phase campaign. I've lost some players for Suffer Little Children and need a replacement for at least one. The party is a group of Firewall sentinels investigating the murder of a sentinel in Erato and (apparently relatedly) missing Martian egos who are all Lost survivors. The only potential downside for folks here is that the game is run on the Wizards of the Coast forums. If that doesn't stop you, though, read on!

I definitely need someone to take over Eddy Akimatsu-Cousteau, an octopus uplift and part-time Mercurial (as well as some skeletons that even the current players aren't aware of). If I don't hear back from some other players I might also need replacements for the "reformed" Jovian and current bioconservative investigator Linson.

If you're interested in any of these characters and/or you want to be on a shortlist of replacements for this game then shoot me a pm on the Wizards site!