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One possible change to the Rep rules

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One possible change to the Rep rules
I've recently started running an Eclipse Phase campaign again, a continuation of my previous one with mostly new players- the one player who's carried over was the focus of the old one, so the story is that he's just recruited a new group of helpers after the last one quit. One thing I noticed was how the high rep has really built up- it doesn't seem much at first, but over a long campaign, it really matters. After pondering how this could be fixed, I came up with the following idea. I don't know if this has been proposed before, and apologies if it has, but I thought I'd post it here and see what everyone else thought of it before introducing the change to my game. There may be some glaring error in the rules change that I've missed, after all. The modification is a simple enough one. Any time a rep change occurs, positive or negative, the amount the rep is changed by is reduced by the tens digit of the current rep rating. So, someone with a rep of 34 who gets a +5 bonus actually only goes up by two points (5-3=2). And someone with a rep of 57 who loses 6 points actually only drops the rep by (6-5=)1. The reasoning behind this is that people with high reps have such a firm base of support that minor things don't really touch them the same way. But in the same way, more is expected of people with a higher rep. A nobody who does something worth +8 rep is exceptional, and gets noted. A famous icon of that rep network gets nothing- because he/she is expected to do these things. To prevent abuse of the new system, and because small things will add up with repeat offences, if something that would cause rep to drop happens more than once in an adventure, the amount it drops by gets increased by one for each repeat offence. Someone with a rep of 92 can get away with one or two instances of being rude to random stangers (-1/2 rep), but keeping it up will eventually cause a point to be lost. And being in the 90s means only +10 rep actions can get a point, so it really won't be worth it to lose a hard-earned point that way. Burning rep for favours works the same way. As I see it, this change makes high reps a lot more powerful- but at the same time, it makes it much harder to get those high reps. What do people think?
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We tried this in my game last
We tried this in my game last summer and, after just three or four sessions, I had a player revolt as a result. The idea was seen as good in intention, but frustrating to implement. It results in more bookkeeping and ended up irritating my players, because of various aspects of that bookkeeping (do you subtract before or after you sum up the aggregate gains from a particular scenario, and other such questions). I'm not saying that it's not possible to implement, but be very careful.

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