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NYC, Fridays, East Harlem, LFP

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NYC, Fridays, East Harlem, LFP
Long running gaming group of relatively mature adults looking for similar new players for an EP game. We have traditionally played Pathfinder (and likely will again) but are currently a couple sessions into an EP game. One of our members moved away leaving us with 3, so we are looking to add 1-2 new players. We play roughly every other friday at my spacious apt in East Harlem (very good space for gaming, with excellent takeout nearby). Contact me if interested.
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Are you looking for permanent
Are you looking for permanent players? What time do you play? I work near east Harlem (on wards island) but Fridays are realllllly bad for me.
Erithtotl Erithtotl's picture
Yeah we are looking for
Yeah we are looking for permanent additions. We probably aren't going to move away from Fridays, though as I mentioned its not every friday. Send me a private message if you are still interested.
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New player

Hello. My name is Daniel and if your still looking for a new player hit me up. I never played ecplise phase. It's hard to find a group to play. Please email me at marinevet7713@yahoo.com. Thank ou