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NPC Generator, NPC mini statblock

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NPC Generator, NPC mini statblock
By far the most tedious thing to do in EP is make npcs. Especially non important ones. I'm really into the small statblocks from NPC File 1, great to grab some combat goons and quickly hash out an encounter for the players to hose with bullets. Its the only 'Monster Manual' Posthuman has come close to making for EP beyond a few Exsurgent nasties in the core book. The statblocks are condensed enough to fit up to four on a two column page. More complex and involved social NPCs, or gear wagon NPCs can take up more space. With Singularity referring to a HTML file to arrange its bits, it should be fairly simple to cut down the fields and arrange them into a concise format. Not everything needs to be displayed. I'd like to know if anyone has the html skills to have jiggered the output to make these blocks, or if Snowdog could possibly add the option to produce a condensed statblock in an upcoming update to Singularity. Maybe even a six question NPC generator (Bio/Synth/Info, Transhuman/uplift/AGI, Preferred weapon type, Social/combat/hacker, Inner/Outer system, Poor/Average/Wealthy). The only other option is to dissect it myself, and I'm a chemist, not a coder.
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