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Now, who cleans up the mess when the puppy nukes the habitat?

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Now, who cleans up the mess when the puppy nukes the habitat?
You mentioned earlier in my "left behind and mad" thread that current AGI are brought up and socialized to associate better with humans to avoid certain personality issues (like say, wrecking the Earth). What about the other Mercurials, the Uplifts? Was/is there a high degree of socialization in their upbringing to better integrate them with the rest if transhumanity? Or was there a time before when uplifts were less entheused to work with us? Perhaps even some conflicts? And if so are there any a still around, sorta like an uplift equivalent to the TITANS vs AGI? "Like us..." yet... Different?
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There are conflicts, for
There are conflicts, for sure. If you've got eight arms and a semi-amorphous body, no amount of socialization is going to make you a perfect fit with H+ society. But this represents no more of a threat than those humans who have decided they don't so much want to be human anymore.
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So you're thinking of Semos

So you're thinking of Semos from the new Planet of the Apes.