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Not an errata per se, but perhaps a suggestion.

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Not an errata per se, but perhaps a suggestion.

Would it be feasible to reformat the PDF to avoid that 2-column layout that makes it less-than-pleasant to peruse the document on a computer screen? Read, read, read, scroll back up for beginning of column 2, read read read, page down.

Just throwing that out there; it's perfect for paper, less so for 1400x900. : )


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You're effectively talking

You're effectively talking about redoing the layout of the entire book, which is an incredible amount of work. So the simple answer is, no, that's not going to happen, sorry :)

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If you were so motivated, you
If you were so motivated, you could create a screen-friendly remix of the core, or find a group to do so, since the text is CC licensed, you could even distribute it.
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I'll agree.
I was poking around with poppler-tools in the .pdf tonight and the internal structure is pretty complex - the number of discrete image files that go into making the background and borders of a single page is dizzying. Then again, .pdf file ninjitsu is far from my strong point.
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Leave the Columns
Besides the fact that pretty much every RPG book I've ever seen is laid out in a 2-column format, I find the columns are perfect. They are *just* the width of the screen on my Pocket PC, which makes it perfect for reading on the go.
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Re: Not an errata per se, but perhaps a suggestion.
The short sentences break the flow of the text allowing you to intake it at a much calmer level. It's the same reason that D&D has the two columns. Else wise the strain on your eyes from reading the page wide bricks of text will turn you away.
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Re: Not an errata per se, but perhaps a suggestion.
this is why i am of two minds about pdf "books" until i find a device that can hold a US letter (or maybe A4) sized text on a single screen...
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Re: Not an errata per se, but perhaps a suggestion.
PDF -> Ereader is a bit of an issue right now. I have a theory that Apple's improvement of preview in Snow Leopard has something to do with an innovation in that area, but it's just a guess. Anybody tried to turn Eclipse Phase into a .pub?