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NOOB GM: Getting my mind wrapped around the setting: the Mesh

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NOOB GM: Getting my mind wrapped around the setting: the Mesh
Hiyas! I am trying to visualise the setting in my mind - some salient points which might differ/be equal to "real life" stuff. For instance, about the Mesh: Would EP's mesh be equivalent/comparable to today's normal (no dial-up) web connection? (What I'm trying to type is:) Would the denizens of EP's setting need not to worry too much if they don't do much (connect to strange/unreliable sites) in the mesh, like us? Would connecting to strange/unreliable/unverified "sites" would trigger the guardian AI/muse's warnings & hesistation to go forward, like most normal security programs nowadays, for instance? Or is the mesh environment completely different? Thanks! SF
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Re: NOOB GM: Getting my mind wrapped around the setting: the ...
Most people are probably safe thanks to the skills of the Muse and (perhaps) their habitat mesh-cleaners. But there are no doubt sites you shouldn't access where you will get more or less stern warnings. Of course, the average person and Muse are pretty wimpy against a dedicated hacker. There are sharks out there, so you better stay in the safe environment of walled gardens provided by your polity/corporation/soviet. As how it is visualised, I think there are *lots* of options. Some just see nice windows, possibly with 3D content. Others want full immersion. Others have visual shorthand that doesn't so much look like anything as just quietly tell them stuff as if they already "know" what is online. Others have their Muse tell them. Everything is skinnable, translatable, can be turned into sound, touch or sonar, mapped onto all sorts of real and virtual objects.