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Nonstandard/Custom Muse Homebrew

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Nonstandard/Custom Muse Homebrew
CodeBreaker developed a great breakdown of Muse costs that I didn't quite get so I had to go and reverse engineer it. In doing so, I found out that the math was a little off. So, with many thanks to CodeBreaker for the initial work done and the inspiration, I present a homebrew method for PCs to make Muses for criticism! I basically took the 520 CP that the standard [High] cost muse has for chargen (musegen?) and halved it to get the [Moderate] and the amount to add to the [High] to get the [Expensive]. Cheap Custom Muse [Moderate] = 260 CP Standard Custom Muse [High] = 520 CP Woah Now, Don't Go Making An AGI For Your Head There, Moneybags [Expensive] = 780 CP All Aptitudes start at 10 All Aptitudes are limited to a rating of 20 All Active Skills are limited to a rating of 40 All Knowledge Skills are limited to a rating of 90 All CP Costs are equal to those for Character Creation
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I'd add in this stuff for
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Good Stuff!
I've been thinking about this for a while so I'm glad to see your thoughts on it. I especially like the expansion of the spectrum between programs, dumb AIs, and AGIs. This could work for any AI, I think, and not just muses. Combined with the [url=http://eclipsephase.com/designing-objects-and-blueprints]Designing[/url] rules posted by cenrae this would allow a skilled hacker/infolife to create swarms of little AIs like the sprites in Shadowrun... Excuse me while I go roll up an awesome new character.