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Non Autonomist Barsoomians

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Non Autonomist Barsoomians
Drew up a few non-Autonomist Barsoomian groups. Credit goes to /tg/ and Kim Stanley Robinson's Mars Trilogy for inspiration [b]MARS FIRST[/b] [i]Together we can stop the flood of indentures and consortium carpetbaggers diluting our culture out of existence. Together we can build a mars for martians.[/i] +Martian Nationalism, -Immigration Comprised mainly of pre-fall colonists and natives born on mars, the Mars First movement favors the establishment of old style national governments on mars, and opposes further emigration to the red planet. [b]Lunatic Fringe:[/b] Supports the expulsion of everyone who arrived after the Fall from the planet [b]FREE THARSIS[/b] [i]Venus showed us the way, now it’s time we take our destiny into our own hands. Free Tharsis.[/i] +Martian Independence, +Hypercapitalism Led by a number of business leaders and supported by many of the planet’s growing entrepreneurial class, the Free Tharsis movement advocates for hypercapitalist democracy independent of the Consortium, in a similar mode to Venus. [b]Lunatic Fringe:[/b] Agitates for the abolition of all Martian government and the establishment of an Extropian style anarcho capitalist system [b]REDS[/b] [i]Governments and corporations already ruined one world, don’t let them make the same mistake on Mars. Keep the red planet red.[/i] -Terraforming, -Population Growth Drawing from an intellectual tradition dating back to the earliest scientific expeditions, Reds oppose all terraforming efforts, advocating for low impact modes of settlement, including strict limitations on population growth. [b]Lunatic Fringe:[/b] Advocates radical biomodification and existence similar to Titanian hulder, burrowing for water, nitrogen and other essential chemicals [b]SOCIETY OF RED MEN[/b] [i]The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants[/i] +Jovian Republic, -Hypercapitalism The Society of Red Men supports Jovian control of Mars, appealing to populist hatred of the Consortium and irredentist sentiments among the planet’s American and Chilean populations, many of whom wish to see their former nation restored. [b]Lunatic Fringe:[/b] Dreams of banning synths, rusters, and other "abominations" from mars
Did you hear the one about the guy who became a fence?
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They say he was a real posthuman